Monday, 20 February 2012

Snoring and Grunting

After her win against Sam in the Qatar Total Ladies Open, Victoria Azarenka was asked about her grunting in the press conference. Vika was smart enough to produce a winner against the journalists.

Azarenka: Do you snore?
Journalist: Yes
Azarenka: Can you control that?
Journalist: No, I guess it's natural.
Azarenka: So it's natural to you right, so that's natural to me, too, the way I play tennis. That's it.

Talking about snoring in a press conference? Havent we heard this somewhere before? Yes, it was from the 2011 French Open champion Li Na who made fun of how her husband's snoring kept her awake ahead of her semi finals match in Australia Open 2011.

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